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You’re Just One Appointment Away From Getting Naperville's Premiere Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair & Hardwood Floor Sanding Experts.
In Naperville We’re Known As The Only Stain Removal Experts, When You Hire Us And You'll Get The Most Powerful Guarantee In The Carpet Cleaning & Wood Floor Business. We made it simple, you’ll get…Results Or You Don’t Pay! Plus You Get An Extra $50 For Wasting Your Time!

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“Upfront, Honesty… There is no one better!”"I've personal worked with Andre & Robert from Speedyvac. I can tell you when it comes to Carpet cleaning & Stain Removal & upfront honesty there is no one better. They guarantee results and you'll get them or you don't pay. They are so confident in their work that they offer you $50! If they don't get the results they promise! When was the last time you heard that? Give them a try. You'll be glad you did.”
Steve Johnstone-Coldwell Bankers Naperville IL

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Discovery The Fastest, Easiest & Safest Way To Get Sparkling Clean Carpets, Carpet Repair, Stain Removal And No Dust Wood Floor Sanding All
Right Here In Naperville And …You To Can See Why Over 2976 Of Your Neighbors Tried Us.

Carpet Cleaning Naperville Carpet Cleaning

Like: Guaranteed pet odor and stain removal from your carpets, our focus for the last decade is stain removal, thus becoming Naperville’s #1 Stain Removal Specialist. Plus…

If you want to do pet stain removal yourself…go to our Pet Stain Removal site and get the products you need.

Carpet Repair Naperville

Carpet Repair Like: Ripples, Wrinkles or Burns, Re-stretching, Bleach stains, Skeaky floors and more. You no longer have to put up with damaged carpets and simple Call does it all. Plus with all repairs You get a lifetime warranty.
Hardwood Sanding Naperville Without Dust, Or our No dust wood floor refinishing without sanding! If you are sick of dull wood, and want a no dust wood floor experience, we can help!
Oriental Rug Cleaning Naperville Oriental & Loose Rug Cleaing

Wool Rug Cleaning: If you have smelly or stained up rugs and need a safe way to make them cleaned again, we can help! Hiring us and you'll get expert care and a fresh smelling stain fresh rug, you'll want to take your shoes off and rug your toes in it! See how we'll do it now…

But before we go any further lets talk price. What do you want? Is it…Cheap Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair Or Wood Floor Sanding With No Dust!

Most people want a good job without risk at the best possible price. If that’s what you Congratulations keep reading or click on the links next to the pictures above and to get to my other sites. There you'll find the info you need to help make the right choose.


If you want the cheapest, possible job with little or no guarantee, I respectfully ask you to try something else. We are slightly higher then the coupon guys and for good reason, so rest assured that if you hire us, you’ll get the results you want or I’ll refund your money! So if you are willing to invest slightly more then the cheap guys to get what you want, read on.

In a nutshell, we deliver results…and we won’t take advantage of you in any way…and won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or for that matter, make you feel uncomfortable while we are in your home.

In fact the other day I was in a clients home who seen my ads many times before and decided try us. she said after I was there for a wait…

"I usually don't like having service people in my home without my husband being here, but I have to say, you guys made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed talking with you, because these days you never know who's going to show up at your door"

ire us and you'll feel in control every step of the way!

Relationships… That's what we're all about, we want you as client, not a one time customer, our goal is to earn your trust and ultimately you becoming a long term referring client, who's willing to (Cheerfully) refer us to friends and family, and the only way to get that, is to make sure you are thrilled.

If this is the type of service you feel you deserve, then click on my carpet cleaning, carpet repair naperville or my No dust wood floor refinishing & sanding links by the pictures below and get the service experience you want!

But don’t let me sway you…the true is I'm bias! So try us out, then judge for yourself!

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Take look below, click on any service link below the picture, you'll be take to the site or page to see how we do it, plus you can check out real testimonials right now and see what our clients have to say, before doing that. Now that you done that… To Quickly Solves Your Concern, Click On The Link Below The Picture, You’ll be taken to the site you need. Do it now while it’s still fresh on your mind.

Carpet Cleaning Naperville

Carpet Repair Naperville

Hardwood Sanding Naperville

Dog in toliet

Carpet Cleaning Naperville

Carpet Repair Naperville

Hardwood Floor Sanding Naperville

Pet Odor Removal

If you’re still reading, it’s obvious you wanted a company that will back up all it’s services without hassles.

Who doesn’t? That should be the norm…but it isn’t. That’s why after you’ve tried us, you’ll discover for yourself that you got the services you want… “without risk” or fear of losing anything. That’s why our repeat and referral business is at a all time high!

If you’ve been frustrated with carpet cleaning, pet odor and stain removal, carpet cleaners telling you can’t get stains out of carpets or need carpet repair, try us out and you’ll see the difference for yourself. Even if you need your wood floors refinishing & Sanding With No Dust , or want your tile and grout cleaned, I believe we’ll be your last stop for complete floor restoration services.

So what should you do now! First decide which service you want. click on that link, you will be go to my other site that’s design for that service. That’s it. You can contact me or call 630-922-1622

By the way… We won’t scare you, when we arrive at your home You’ll Get Professional who love getting results for you too. Not some guy looking to get the next carpet cleaning job. Instead, someone who’s looking to gain a LIFE TIME CLIENT.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about that…

"I head my own business and know good service when I see it! I’ve tried Speedyvac once and meet the most polite, uniformed crew of guys ever! Robert took me back to a level of service that I hadn’t seen in years. I head my own business and know good service when I see it. Robert didn’t give good service he gave exceptual service. I will have them back again and recommend them to anyone.”
Richard Johnson-Naperville IL

If this is what you want, I think we’re right for you! Call now! But Wait, I should mention the most import thing about my business, it’s…

My Personal Promise To You…Choose Anyone Of My Services, If You Don’t Love It, Just Let Me Fix The Concern, if I Don’t Fix It, I’ll Refund Your Money And
Pay You $50.00 Plus, Find Another Company And Pay The Bill!

Thanks for considering my company, hope to earn your trust soon.*Min. charge applies outside of our regular service area.
Thanks again for your time.

Andre’ De Lano

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