Why Hire Us

Before Answering The Why
Hire Us Question

There Are Two Things You Should Consider Before Hiring Anyone” Two Quick Facts…

  • Will I Take Any Risk?
  • Hire us: You’ll Risk Nothing!
  • If I Hire You Will I Get My Money Back If I’m Not Happy?
  • Hire us: You’ll get what you want or you don’t pay! Plus I’ll give you $50.00 for wasting your time!

Here are other reasons why might want to hire us.

If You Have…

  • Stained Carpets
    Need Carpet Repair With A Life time Warranty
    Or You Have Been Told By Your Carpet Cleaners That "It Can't Be Done"

These Are Good Reasons Why You Should Hire Us!

Now for the first time you can get what you want or you don't pay!

Hi, my name is Andre’ Supervising Mgr. of SpeedyVac Carpet & Wood Floor Restoration. I'm selfish! That may not come as a surprise to you.
Of course, I think I run the best company on earth.

No one should toot their own horn and I won't either, instead I'll let these Naperville testimonials says it for me. After hiring us, I think you’ll see why you’ll feel the same way too.

The Truth Is…

No matter what me or my clients says, your own right instincts should convince you now, that trying me for yourself is a good start, of course you’ll judge that on your own, once you’ve hire us. Then see what we do in your home, on your floor then judge my service for yourself.

As I said, you have nothing to loose, in fact when you think about it, you actually stand to gain in two ways. Take a look at

My Guarantee

If I don’t get the results I promise… You Don’t Pay!

I actually end up paying you for your time and I loose out. Think of like this. No other company I know of offers you that. I offer that because I believe in what I’m doing, making new friends, and getting referrals and repeat business.

Last year along was about 83% repeat and referrals. I think you’ll refer too. To date I’ve made thousands of clients happy, I want to keep it that way…and I’m not going to start ruining my reputation with you. Maybe that’s too forward, but I want you to try me once and see for yourself what so many before have found. You’ll see the difference. Then you’ll stick with me like glue.

That’s why you should hire us now!

Thanks for consider.
Andre’De Lano

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