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You’ll hire Naperville’s Premiere Carpet Repair Professionals. Who backs our work with a 50yr. warranty. Plus, if you have a carpet stain or odor concern, we are Known as The Stain and Odor Removal Experts for over 20+ years in Dupage county. We put our money where our mouth is…

When You Hire Us, You’ll Get The Most Powerful Guarantee for Carpet Repair, Stain And Odor Removal.

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Whether it’s Carpet Stretching, a Pet Damaged your carpet, or Berber Repair, even an Iron Burn. We can help. When you choose to fix your carpets, you’ll get over 20 years of real world experience.

Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repairs with a 50yr warranty. We assure our clients that we will pay attention to details to get the best job.

Carpet Stretching

{city} Carpet Stretching

If you have humps and bumps, ripples and waves, we can stretch them out in as little as one hour.

Berber Repair

Whether it’s a Berber Snag or your dog at the carpet, we will repair your Berber and make it look like new.

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Peek in on a few of our clients work. See for yourself if we have what you want.

If you want Carpet repair, we can help. When you decide to choose FixMyCarpets, you’ll get over 20 years of real-world experience Plus, every job comes with Our 50yr. Warranty and money back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stretch a carpet?
Can I Get Berber Repair?
Carpet I Repair My Carpet?
Could I get Odor Removal?
Could I get Stain Removal?
My Dog/Cat damaged my carpet. Can you help me?


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“I thought I would have to replace my carpets. I was very pleasantly surprised. The carpet was repaired and cleaned and looks great. Terrific job!”
Edward Miller

“Professional service, carpet looks great after being professionally stretch. Highly recommend.”
Norm & Suzanne Sorensen
“Andre arrived within his 30 min, window, explained what he would do to make the repairs and then went to work. The results was a beautiful, unnoticeable repair and I’m extremely pleased with his work.”
David G.

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Guarantee Resutlts

When you choose SpeedyVac, you’ll get the results we promise or you don’t pay. Plus, we’ll pay you $50 for wasting your time. Hire Us Now. You have nothing to lose.

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We can repair all your concerns with and offer you our 50 year warranty. Whether it’s a small to large repair, we can help. Call us now.

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