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Yesterday I did a carpet cleaning job in Bolingbrook il, nothing unusual there, but there were stains on the berber carpet that needed treatment.

Since berber is the only carpet the dries from the bottom up, I knew when the client said “they are cola stains” that it may wick back during the

drying stage.
If you have a berber carpet and have it cleaned, you have a 50/50 chance that it’s going to wick. So I explained that we can add a treatment¬† to it that will help minimize that and that we would charge the .10 per sq.f.t more to that care of the concern now. However if they wanted to wait and call us back later, it would be slightly higher do to fuel cost.¬† They said no and they will see what happens.

Next day,  3 of the 9 stains showed backup and now they want us to come back out.

We said we would but higher investment would apply. They were Ok with it.

So if you have berber carpets that need to be cleaned, you are always better off treating it, then being disappointed with the old spots reappears.